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Examples of customization are shown here.

Configure your language

ManageBot offers support for multiple languages, translated by people that speak them natively to create the most authentic translation possible. To see how you can change it, click here.
Note: Not all commands are fully supported yet, since translating is a long task.
The bot being configured to German.

Configure your insult filter.

ManageBot offers an insult filter and the great thing is, that you can configure the insults yourself!
Showcase of the insult commands.

Create your own To-Do list.

ManageBot has a To-Do list system, which allows you to add items to your To-Do list. The bot will list them in the order you added them (Note: the insult filter uses a similar system when it comes to removing items).
Showcase of the To-Do commands.
All your items are listed when you want to remove something.
You can send your list ephemerally if you want to keep something private.
You can clear your entire To-Do list at once.

Say hello to new users (or cry when they leave)

ManageBot uses a join/leave system, which allows you to send messages when a user leaves or joins your server!
The /greetings status command.
Embedded welcome message
Non embedded message and own message for bots