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The commands in this category use the web to fetch different kinds of results.

/web youtube

Searches a YouTube video and embeds it in an ephemeral message.
/web youtube <string: query>

/web stackoverflow

Searches through Stackoverflow for the given query.
/web stackoverfow <string: query>

/web invite-url

Generates an invite URL for a Discord bot by the given ID.
/web invite-url <string: ID> <bool: application_commands>

/web meme

Shows a meme from the r/memes subreddit.
/web meme

/web joke

Shows a random joke.
/web joke

/web application-info

Fetch information from a Discord application, by providing its ID.
/web application-info <int: application_id>

/web lyrics

See lyrics of a song of your choice.
/web lyrics <string: song>

Context Menu Commands

Context menu commands for this category. Context menu commands are currently only available on web clients or desktop versions by using right click a message or member and hovering to Apps.

Application Info

Shows information about the application the command has been used on, if it is a valid Discord application.