Welcome to the official ManageBot documentation! You will learn anything you need to know here, to get started with the bot, if you need help using a command or if you are just curious. It's all here.

If you are interested about the bots commands, you should visit the command categories.

Quick note about command syntax

When you see <>, it means that an argument is required, and [] means, that an argument is optional. Inside Discord, you will also see, which arguments are required and which are not.

Commands have notes about the permissions that a user needs to run them, as well as the permissions that the bot needs to execute them.

The showcase for the command usage here is shown like the following:

There are 3 types used in this documentation:

  • int: Integer = whole number that is not greater than 2,147,483,647.

  • bool: Boolean = Choice between true or false. It'll most likely show "Yes" or "No".

  • string: String = regular text (can contain numbers as well).

/parent group name <type: argument> [type: argument]


Join the support server and invite ManageBot.

Get Started

Change your language by using this command:

/settings set-language <language>

Check your current set language by typing this command:

/settings current-language

Help Command

The help command offers a great help command, displaying all commands in their correct categories and providing a direct link for each one, to this documentation.


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