Commands used to manipulate text.

/text reverse

Reverses a given text.

/text reverse <string: text>

/text reverse-wide

Reverses a given text and wides it.

/text reverse-wide <string: text>

/text wide

Wides a text.

/text wide <string: text>

/text wide-wide

Wides a text more than wide.

/text wide-wide <string: text>

/text unwide

Unwides a text; removes all newlines and spaces.

/text unwide <string: text>

/text emojify

Converts the given text to emojis, if possible.

/text emojify <string: text>

Context Menu Commands

Context menu commands for this category. Context menu commands are currently only available on web clients or desktop versions by using right click a message or member and hovering to Apps.

Unwide Text

Unwide a text; removes all newlines and spaces.

Reverse Text

Reverses the text.

Output as JSON

Sends you a file containing the message as JSON.

The bot requires Attach Files permission to send you the .json file.

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