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All interaction based

ManageBot is based on Application commands, which are also known as interactions, since you interact with the bot as it is something deeply integrated with the client.

Slash Commands

All commands that ManageBot offers are slash commands. No prefix commands. The bots text prefix was m., so it will continue responding to that (not what you expect though), when that prefix is used.
By typing / in a text channel or DMs, you can see all the bots commands. You may not be permitted to use all of them.
A preview of the slash commands.

Context menu commands

Context menu commands feel even more integrated then slash commands do, since you literally right click a message or a user and get some options of things you can do.
How to use message context commands on PC
How to use user context commands.
The Application Info context command.
The Member Information context command.

Modern UI

ManageBot consistently uses the Discord message components, in order to provide a modern looking, interactive user interface, that is faster and more efficient than reactions.
The executed /help command.